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Saturday, September 02, 2006

International Association of Astronomical Artists

International Association of Astronomical Artists

The International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA) is the world’s only guild of artists dedicated to creating astronomical and space art.The IAAA was founded in 1982 by a small group of artists who journeyed through the fascinating but seldom trod territory where science and art overlap. From these pioneering astronomical artists (unlike their colleagues in science fiction and fantasy, with whom they are sometimes confused by the uninitiated), a firm foundation of knowledge and research is the basis for each painting. Striving to accurately depict scenes which are at present beyond the range of human eyes, they communicate a binding dream of adventure and exploration as they focus on the final frontier — space.

Since its founding, the IAAA has grown to number over 120 members, representing twenty countries. Their work has also grown, to incorporate a number of styles and viewpoints. At times the art may step outside the bounds of scientific rendering, to address the broader implications that space poses for humanity. However, no matter which form of expression the artist chooses to take, the common inspirations held by all are astronomy and space exploration.

The object of the IAAA, as a non-profit foundation, is to implement and participate in astronomical and space art projects, to promote education about astronomical art and to foster international cooperation in artistic work inspired by the exploration of the Universe. Membership in the IAAA is not restricted to artists. Many collectors, publishers, editors, and fans are members as well.

For more information check out the IAAA website include the IAAA art gallery and IAAA members for links to many individual artist galleries.