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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fahad Sulehria Space and Astronomical Art

Fahad Sulehria is a Swedish astronomical artist, amateur astronomer, graphic designer, member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA). While he has a great interest in web design, 3D modelling and graphic arts, his main interest is astronomy and astronomical art since the age of six. He has been an active amateur astronomer and strives to portray the universe with a great detail of scientific accuracy.

Artist says: I see space and astronomical art as a complement to real astronomical imagery taken by telescopes such as the Hubble Space Telescope and other observatories. Based on knowledge in astronomy, physics, chemistry and other sciences, the astronomical/space artist can illustrate environments from views and moments that cannot be caught as easily (if possible) through pictures today, because our present technology doesn't allow us to, for example send space probes to other star systems that will send back imagery within an appropriate time frame. Of course, space art also has some advantages that real astronomical imagery has: the ability to inspire new (and present) generations to explore space!

Below are a few examples of his space works. More artworks can be found on his website Nova Celestia.

Artist says: Nova Celestia aims to illustrate the vastness of the Universe through digital media (space art, illustrations, and probably 3D animations in the future). There are seven part of this gallery: binary star systems, exo-planets, galaxies, nebulae, the solar system, stars and variable stars. Each part contains subpages with information as well as illustrations or space art.

Note: All artwork and images copyright © Fahad Sulehria. Please do not use images without the permission of the artist.

Fahad Sulehria Astronomical and Space Art Fahad Sulehria Astronomical and Space Art Fahad Sulehria Astronomical and Space Art Fahad Sulehria Astronomical and Space Art Fahad Sulehria Astronomical and Space Art

Nova Celestia: Astronomical Illustrations and Space Art Gallery