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Monday, September 04, 2006

Gary Tonge Space Art and Sci-Fi

Gary Tonge is a British artist and futuristic concept illustrator that specializes in the space art, science fiction and fantasy. Artist says: For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with space and my own recurring thoughts on what is out "there". And the older I become the more vivid my thoughts are. Just looking at a Hubble Space Telescope picture is a mind opening experience. These pictures show so much, yet we are so far away. I want to try and purvey what is, or could be out there from another perspective, not the isolated position we hold in the universe. There could be any manner of sights in the far reaches of space and I long to bring my interpretation of them to life for others to share.

Here are a few examples of his digital paintings. To see more, visit his website Vision Afar and other sources via the links below.

Note: All artwork and images copyright © Gary Tonge. Please do not use images without the permission of the artist.

Gary Tonge Space Art and Sci-Fi
Gary Tonge Space Art and Sci-Fi
Gary Tonge Space Art and Sci-Fi
Gary Tonge Space Art and Sci-Fi
Gary Tonge Space Art and Sci-Fi

Gary Tonge website: Vision Afar.

DeviantART: ANTIFAN-REAL. See Gallery.

GFXartist: ANTIFAN. See Artworks.

The CGSociety: ANTIFAN. See also CGTalk Interview.

Infinitee Designs: Gary Tonge.

See also an Interview with Gary Tonge: Solar Voyager and ImagineFX.


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Artists UK said...

A fabulous collection of sci-fi art. We deal with a fair few of these artists at Artists UK.

How come no Jim Burns art? His sci-fi work is incredible.

One other point - such large image sizes freely available is not helping artists to protect their copyright. Can't you at least watermark them and put a copyright notice on there?

Astrona said...

Thanks for your notice. Corrected. I have many drafts (unpublished blog entries) and also Jim Burns, but I have no time yet.

sadunkal said...